Loco Love Handcrafted Artisan Healthy Chocolates 9 Bar Pack – Organic, Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten and Refined-Sugar Free

It’s chocolate that’s good for you!

Made lovingly in Sydney, these chocolates are unlike any other. They are completely organic and vegan, gluten free and contain no refined sugars. They are also the tastiest chocolates we’ve ever come across.

These delicious, small batches of superfood and love infused chocolates will energise, heal and nourish. They are a guilt free indulgence, infused with a pure devotion to your health and vitality. Each bar is handcrafted with traditional stove-top tempering methods using raw cacao from sustainable and organic farmers. These only contain low GI coconut nectar and stevia as sweeteners, so you don’t get those nasty sugar spikes.

100% organic ingredients each gift pack of 10 contains a salted caramel crunch, raspberry chocolate cream, matcha and mint, coco-nut truffle, peanut, velvet bean butter bar, ginger and pistachio, wild orange, hazelnut praline, rose and pink pepper and salted macadamia and lemon.