27 April, 2017


Rachel Service, otherwise known as The Happiness Concierge, is on a woman on a mission, helping people find their mojo.

The nerd at work who’s passionate about coding, the woman who owns her curves, your career crush, Beyonce slaying it on stage – they all have it. That’s because mojo is knowing who you are and celebrating it every day, in everything you do.

Rachel’s current passion project is her Mojo School – a six-week online course designed to give you the tools to find your mojo. The idea is to help you explore and find that something that makes you kick ass at work and in life – a something that’s as unique and individual as you.

“Mojo is the combination of your kick ass skills, insights, personality traits, actions, the way you dress, talk and listen to others that makes you one of a kind,” says Rachel. “Mojo looks different on everyone.”

When you’ve found your mojo it’s obvious to everyone around you and you’re a happier and healthier person on the inside too.

“A happiness prescription looks different for everyone and we all need to do better job of understanding people need different recipes for feeling ace at work and in life.”

Rachel speaks from experience. She spent years battling anxiety and depression – overworking, over-exercising and under-eating – until she burned out and was forced to make major changes. The answer for her wasn’t to sit back and relax – when you talk to Rachel you realise how impossible that would be – but to assess her priorities and her relationships.

“Managing mental health is more than just learning how to relax and working less. It’s about understanding what’s important to you and then making decisions every day that support that.”


Rachel quotes studies that link lack of connection and community to higher rates of stress hormones and experts who say our mindset is affected 50% by upbringing and just 10% by environment.

“That leaves us with 40% to influence through positive thoughts and actions,” says Rachel.

“I certainly have felt lonely despite being in loving relationships and surrounded by family and friends who all wanted me to feel my best. No matter how fabulous and loving my friends and family were, I couldn’t hear it, let alone give gratitude and thanks to others.

“It was only when I realised it was up to me to make myself vulnerable, show others I was interested in a meaningful connection and tell them how much they had enriched my life that things changed. Once I started doing that, I started to connect with others in a way that enriched my life for the better.”

So, how do you do that while juggling the demands of everyday life?  

“You have prioritise making meaningful connections. It’s less about forging any connection and more about nurturing relationships which have meaning and value in your life. As an introvert, my most rewarding relationships are with a small group of rockstars I respect, admire and who bring a loving and supportive environment into my life.

“I travel alot so I use Thankly quite a bit to send a note to people who rock my world to thank them for the positive contribution they’ve had on my life. Sometimes it’s a client who’s invited me to speak to their senior leaders; sometimes it’s a babe who’s introduced me to someone new to elevate what I’m doing and sometimes it’s someone who’s just done me a favour selflessly and I want to say thanks for making my life that much more awesomer (yes awesomer is a word … right?)

“For me, sending a Thankly is just about acknowledging that everyone you interact with helps you on your path in some way and prioritising time to thank them is an act of badassery.”


Mojo, according to Rachel, isn’t about doing everything, being superhuman. You have to manage your boundaries, but you can only do so if you know what’s important to you. It’s also about acknowledging superhumans exist only as the result of the community who helped them get there.

“Every person, neighbour, coffee maker, colleague, supporter, boss, nemesis, friend, lover, partner, has played a role in where you are today. Thank them for the role they have played and make it your priority to let them know how valuable to your life they are. Thanking others for the role they have played in my happiness has completely changed my life, relationships and the way I look at meaningful work.”

To find out more Rachel’s next Mojo School go to www.happinessconcierge.com.au/school.