Due to COVID-19 please allow extra delivery time on our cards and gifts. Express Parcels can take up to 3 business days.


If you have any questions that we haven’t covered here, send us an email: [email protected]

What is Thankly?

Thankly sends handwritten cards and gifts on your behalf. We connect people through tangible messages. We are for everyday occasions – saying thanks and showing gratitude the old-fashioned way. Often flowers can be expensive and we just don’t have time to purchase a card, gift or get to the post office to get a stamp! Thankly makes it easy.

All our gifts are beautifully gift-boxed with a ribbon and a card. We send them same day (if ordered before 2pm) so they arrive either same day or overnight (most locations throughout Australia). For more specific delivery times, see our delivery section.

Do you actually handwrite all of your cards?

Yes. Your message is written by a real person – no fonts or computers. Choose a handwriting style and add any special requests by leaving a note in the additional instructions to scribe box.

Does the price include delivery?

Our cards have the stamp included in the price.

Our delivery for gifts is a flat $8.95 all over Australia for same day or overnight delivery. We try to be as speedy as possible but, for some very far away destinations such as Darwin, Perth or very remote locations, it can be a little longer.

Do you only ship to Australia?

Yes, we currently only send within Australia.

What currency are your prices listed in?

Australian dollars.

When will my order be delivered?

Thankly sends gifts either via courier for most gifts or express post/overnight if your recipient lives further away. Our cut off for having your gift sent out same day is 2pm Monday to Friday.

While our delivery times are not 100% guaranteed, below is a guide to delivery speeds.

Sending to:
• Sydney – Express Post via Australia Post which is usually next business day delivery.
• Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle, Central Coast, Adelaide, Wollongong – Next business day if order is placed before 2pm but very occasionally it’s 2 business days if your recipient lives in an outer suburb.
• Gifts going to Perth, Tasmania, Cairns, Townville, Darwin and more remote parts of Australia are delivered by Overnight Express Post. While they are as speedy as possible (mostly overnight) sometimes it takes 2-3 business days, particularly if your recipient is very remote!

Cards are all delivered snail mail – in the post! So sometimes they can take a couple of days, 4-10days depending on where your recipient lives.

Please note we are not able to guarantee delivery at a specific time of day. We’ll leave items/gifts at, or near, the door if we deem it safe to do so (authority to leave).

If you have questions or special requests, get in touch! [email protected]

What happens after I have placed my order?

Once you have paid, a confirmation email will be sent to your email address. Please make sure that it isn’t in your spam folder!

How do I know what my card or gift looks like?

We send you an email of your card or gift so you know exactly what it looks like before it leaves Thankly HQ.

Can I send an anonymous card or gift?

Yes, simply leave your name off the card! If a recipient requests information about who sent them the gift, this information will not be provided without your express permission. We will contact you advising you that the request has been made, however, we will not release that information until such time as we get approval from you to do so. As such, all orders are considered to be anonymous unless you tell us otherwise.

Are there ever delays in orders?

If there is something found to be incorrect in your order – like a wrong address or a spelling mistake it can sometimes hold an order up. If this occurs we will try and reach you via email and/or SMS before we send it out. Please be aware we write EXACTLY what you have, so please double check your message and make sure it’s 100% how you want it written. If you have any out of the ordinary requests, please use the additional instructions to scribe to let us know.

What happens if nobody is home?

Cards are delivered by Australia Post – so they are left in the mailbox.

Gifts are delivered via courier or express post depending on where your recipient is located (see delivery for more information). If your recipient isn’t home, the courier will leave it in a safe location (if it’s deemed safe to do so). If it’s just not possible to leave the gift somewhere safe a delivery notice will be left with instructions on how to collect or have the gift re-delivered.

Please note we are not able to guarantee delivery at a specific time of day. We’ll leave items/gifts at, or near, the door if we deem it safe to do so.

Please read our delivery information for more.

Is it safe to use my credit card online?

Yes, paying online with us is safe. We have taken every possible measure to provide you with as much security as possible. We use encryption technology to protect your transaction and credit card details. This technology encrypts your details prior to transmission over the internet.

What if there s a spelling mistake in my order?

Please check your spelling and grammar. We have provided a review and confirm page so you have the opportunity to double check everything. On some occasions you may actually have intended to spell a word a particular way – in this case, use the additional instructions to scribe box to let us know.
Please be aware, we will write everything exactly the way you do. If there is an obvious error we will attempt to contact you before sending your gift or card.

Can I add an emoticon or similar to my handwritten card?

Your message is written into a card by a real person – no computers. So add any special requests by leaving a note to the writer in the additional instructions to scribe box. This might be something like “can you please add a smiley face at the end of my message”.

Can I schedule a date in advance when I want my gift to arrive / be delivered?

Yes, you can choose the date you would like your gift to arrive on/be delivered. You can choose to ‘send now’ (which if ordered before 2pm would usually arrive same day if in Sydney or next business day for other locations – see delivery information).

You can also schedule it for, say, next week. Remember – this is not the day you want the gift sent, it’s the day you want it to arrive.

Can I modify my order?

Yes, right up until it has left Thankly HQ. However, if it’s already on its way, no changes can be made. If you need to make a change get in touch! [email protected]

How do I send to a number of people?

If you want to send to a number of people (such may be the case for wedding thank you cards, baby showers etc.) simply choose your card, then click next. On the personalise page you can provide recipient details including the address to ship each card. When writing your message, just leave the name field blank as we will use the name you have used in your list.

For example:

Dear ,

Thank you so much for attending our wedding! We had the best time, and we were so happy you were there. We are so appreciative of your generous gift and look forward to adding it to our house deposit fund. Many thanks, Tom and Keira <br>If you have any problems or questions email us at [email protected]

Do you offer refunds?

Thankly is committed to providing the best gifts, cards and service – in perfect condition every time. If your item is faulty, doesn’t arrive in the condition we sent it or doesn’t arrive at all we will happily give you a refund or re-deliver your gift.

If however you have made a mistake or given us incorrect information we will work with you and try our best to rectify the situation however it is your responsibility to make sure the address, delivery instructions and information you give us are correct. Please check them thoroughly! Due to our quick turn around times we’re unable to refund if you change your mind about a ‘send as soon as possible’ purchase if it has already been sent.

If you have any concerns or are less than thrilled with your purchase please get in touch via email to [email protected] within 7 days of delivery to talk to us about a favourable resolution to your concerns.

What days are you open and what days do you deliver?

We do not operate on weekends or public holidays in New South Wales, so products will not be sent on these days. If you do order a product on a weekend or public holiday we will send it the next working day.

Can I cancel my order?

Cancellations are subject to the following conditions:

  • Orders which have left with our couriers cannot be cancelled
  • Orders which have been prepared but have not left with our courier may be cancelled but will incur a cancellation fee equal to the full price of the card ($10.80)

Please note we are not able to guarantee delivery at a specific time of day. We’ll leave items/gifts at, or near, the door if we deem it safe to do so. Get in touch by emailing [email protected] as soon as possible about cancellations.

What if my recipient doesn’t receive their card or gift?

Please get in touch by emailing [email protected] as soon as possible if you feel your gift or card did not arrive as expected.

Contact our team about custom options, or view our standard gifting options.