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Want to be truly happy? It’s not as hard as you might think. 18 May, 2017 Last night when I got home the guy from my local convenience store phoned me. His name is Mike. He found my number as I had left my wallet at the store [...]

Want to be successful? What is it that makes some people consistent winners at life and others just an average dot on the bell curve?

Dr Kate Adams - After finishing school (a very long time ago), I wanted to be a Veterinarian. I spent 12 months putting my all into getting a place at vet school - doing unpaid [...]

“I just love everything about this. Sending a memorable thank you gesture has really helped us connect with customers and build a loyal tribe of supporters. I don’t think there are any other services dedicated to the very powerful, but often underestimated, thank you.”

Stevie Grehan, Co-Founder,
“I am so big on sending thank yous. I love giving them and I always really remember those who take the time to send them to me. It’s a great way to sincerely and genuinely connect with people and it doesn’t have to cost a lot – just a little gesture to show some appreciation.”

Kirstie Raffan, Principal Lawyer
“This is amazing!!!!! Fantastic customer service. I’m a very happy customer.”
Vanessa Jones, Twitter

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